FREE Storage Heater Grants

For people in receipt of eligible income related benefit

Upgrade your old storage heatersIf your storage heaters are old, broken or inefficient, we may be able to replace them with modern high heat retention models to save you energy.

Install storage heaters where you have no heatingIf you have no heating at all, storage heaters may be a much cheaper way of heating your home and we may be able to install them for free!

Free home surveyGet in touch and we will undertake all necessary checks and paperwork completely free of charge.

Government backed serviceGrants provided through the Government’s Help To Heat programme and paid by energy suppliers.

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*Are the works always free?

Not always but sometimes!  The grant will vary from home to home and it is based on the results of an energy performance certificate (EPC).  The EPC tells us how much the works will save on your heating and hot water bills and this then determines the grant.  The bigger your home is and the more it leaks heat, the bigger the grant will be.  So older homes with solid walls and little insulation would get a bigger grant than a smaller, modern, well insulated home 


What type of storage heaters do you provide?

We install Dimplex or Heatstore Quantum high heat retention storage heaters in place of your old storage heaters.  The Quantum storage heaters can store the heat for much longer than a traditional storage heater and have intelligent digital controls that help to reduce wasted heat and to give you the warmth when you need it rather than having lots of heat in the morning and very little at night like a normal storage heater.  Click on the link “The Heaters” at the top to see videos explaining how the heaters work and how they can save you money.


What work is involved in the storage heater installation?

If you already have storage heaters, the likelihood is that they only have an Economy 7 off-peak electricity supply so we will need to install an extra electricity supply so that they can work during the day as well as at night.


Do I need a special kind of electricity meter?

If you already have storage heaters the chances are you already have the correct Economy 7 electricity meter.  If you haven’t had storage heaters before you may need to contact your electricity supplier and ask for an Economy 7 meter to be installed and to switch to an Economy 7 tariff


Will these new storage heaters be cheaper to run?

The makers of the Quantam storage heaters claim that you can save up to 27% based on normal storage haters and 47% compared to electric on peak heaters.  If you currently use on peak heaters you are probably paying around 12-15p for each kWh of heat that you are using but if you get an Economy 7 tariff and heat the Quantam heaters up overnight the cost per kWh of heat is less at around 6-7p.  If you switch to an Economy 7 tariff, whilst you will pay less for your night time electricity, you will pay slight more for your daytime electricity and in some cases a slightly higher standing charge.


Are other forms of free heating available?

Grants are also available for people with oil and LPG boilers that need their boiler replacing due to it being old and inefficient or faulty. If you would prefer a central heating system with radiators rather than storage heaters then we can use the grant to partially fund the works if you or your landlord are willing to pay the additional costs that are involved.


I am a landlord, can I apply for my rental property?

If your tenant is in receipt of eligible benefits then yes you can apply, and better still, the grants are non repayable so even if the tenant moves out you can keep the new heating.

"The new storage heaters are so much better than the old ones"

Mrs Higgins Torquay

"I couldn’t believe that the storage heaters were free, my home is so much warmer and cheaper to heat now!"

Mr Davies Cardiff

"Fantastic service, couldn’t fault the guys from Happy Energy"

Miss Robertson Redruth

FREE Storage Heaters

Grants also available for insulation and oil and LPG boiler upgrades

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